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Adding Value

Adding Value

Art has a greater responsibility than ever before to move, inspire and to add value. After all, great movements in art have broadly mirrored significant shifts in consciousness like the Renaissance, the Enlightenment and the advent of postmodernism. More recently we have been facing some extreme global challenges that require those that are the catalysts for change to stand up and use all their creative power to facilitate the move to a more sustainable and integrated world. 

As our ultra creative and fluid millennial younger generation gradually come of age we will start to see the gathering winds of change blow sustainability into every aspect of life. A potent driving force is non-religious spirituality (including yoga and meditation) that facilitates this consciousness change. The awakening of our cognitive, spiritual and emotional capacities through these age old practices will significantly change the inner and outer landscape. Luckily the young are participating in this en masse, no doubt seeing the global urgency.

As a long time member of the consciousness and human potential movements, I have always endeavoured to push visual and philosophical frontiers. I started this in 1992 with the Transformation series (some of these can be seen in the Spirit Collection), and more recently the Chakras, with their complex symbolism and inherent power as spiritual portals. I hope you will support this work by buying one of my images! 

This image was taken at sunrise near the confluence of the Yamuna and Ganges rivers. Considered sacred, it attracts many Allahabad locals who bathe and do their pujas from boats or the riverside shallows. 

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