Chris L Jones
Beyond the surface of things

Beyond the surface of things

Ed Weston's Daybooks were a great shaft of light shining on the landscape of my formative photographic world. He didn't understand the language of spirituality in an eastern mystical way, but his perception pierced the usual photographic preoccupation with the outer manifest world. Going beyond the surface of things was his mantra, and his work transcended the collective illusion of reality. 

There are a thousand stories etched into the deep furrows of this Rajput farmer's face that mirror the arid landscape where he ekes out his existence, but beneath that hardship and pain there is a light that shines from the depths. 

Sahaja is the eternally natural state of this light that permeates all things. My work is an attempt to bring this illumination into your every day lives in the images of faces, plants, rocks, waves, art, sacred geometry and through spiritual story telling. I hope it inspires you to build a deep inner connection that can only bring you more harmony, peace and love.

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