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Biography 6 India Part 4

Biography 6 India Part 4

On arrival in Udaipur and with the hotels mostly empty, I decided to make the most of the almost cheap Lake Pichola Hotel that had rooms right on the water with views of the City Palace. I was after exceptional shots of the legendary and romantic Lake Palace so the first afternoon was spent doing my usual running around finding angles. Eventually I found a spot on a ridge with great views over both the town and the lake that was suitable for a sunrise shoot. 

Next morning I was in position on the ridge well before dawn, but little did I know that the magnificent scene I was already witnessing was about to get even better! I went ahead and shot all the angles I could of both main palaces whilst the sun came up, it was spectacular. As I was packing up my tripod I heard approaching voices.

I couldn't believe anyone would be mad enough to be up as early as me, but sure enough three westerners soon arrived to enjoy the view. I started talking to an American guy who was a keen photographer, and he was accompanied by two women. One was an American, the guy's girlfriend, the other a very attractive European. We got talking and decided to have breakfast togther at the beautiful Shiv Niwas Hotel just below where we were standing.

To cut a long story short, I had met my future wife. Sometimes life just happens when you are just getting on with what you are passionate about. I had been single some time and had almost given up on finding a life partner. That was as romantic as anything I could imagine: meet your life partner while shooting the Lake Palace in Udaipur. 

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