Chris L Jones


It struck me recently how relationships have trajectories of convergence and divergence like the lines of these reed reflections at Dunn's Swamp in the Wollemi National Park west of part of our personal growth we are destined to meet certain people who will mirror our hidden insecurities and pains enough to reveal their hold on us until we break and liberate ourselves from their chains.  Real "shadow" work happens through our relationships and our soul will convene these miraculous encounters. You will know if someone is exactly right for you if you are regularly being triggered by them to the point of wanting to leave. In fact if you have the urge to run, that is a measure of your resistance to seeing your blocks to growth that are being presented. If you stay in the fire and allow the discomfort, that I admit can sometimes be extreme, to just be there without reactivity, the breakthroughs will come and on the other side will be the love and connection you are seeking with that person. So until we confront and feel our deep pains they will continue to trigger uncomfortable emotions. The true path of healing and integration, aka the hero's journey, means facing and slaying these inner demons.

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