Chris L Jones
Touched by the light

Touched by the light

The last few biographical posts describe the life changing trip I made to Nepal and India that culminated in a fateful meeting in Udaipur. Sahaja was really born back then because India has had such a profound influence on my adult life. It was the first of many trips for creative and personal reasons that eventually led to the creation of the Chakra series that had been planned and executed over several years. 

With the move from film to digital photography in 2008, I was able to extend the visual palette required to create more complex imagery that had previously been laboriously done in camera. With the incredibly short time I was able to take out of my busy life with children and commercial photography, all creative travel trips were meticulously planned. The driving force behind the work was the desire to share ancient esoteric wisdom through the power of photography.

The word spiritual is overused and largely misunderstood, so I steer away from it whenever possible, but that being said the work is an attempt to shine a light into the human energetic system that is important on so many levels and usually ignored by an overwhelmingly "rational" scientific community. I wrote a supporting book that will be a free giveaway for any Sahaja print purchase. It outlines the process, travelogue and current knowledge of these essential energy portals as I believe any artist has the responsibility to share the motives behind their work. 

Image: Sadhu and tree roots, Varanasi used in the final Muladhara Chakra composite.

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