Grace Grace
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Grace. It was an interesting process creating this image. The idea was to tell the story of the illusory nature of the physical world using a goddess like figure overlaid with all the chakras and a landscape composite in the background. However, when I put the various coloured chakras in place it diminished the feeling, so I opted for some radial white light in the position of the top two centres instead. 

She invites us to enter our own inner sanctuary, her spiritual power shown by the size of the little figures walking in the background. The 'V' of her sari top follows the line of the mountains and her flesh tones match the background, she is ubiquitous and radiant. The cracks in the arch represent the transient nature of all things. 

The rest was composited using mountains (including Nilkantha peak, the holy mountain of Shiva) shot on a trip to the holy city of Badrinath near the Chinese border in North India; the banks of the Ganges in Varanasi and an arch portal from Amber Fort.

We print on heavy grade archival 100% cotton rag fine art paper and prints are sent unframed in a cardboard tube.