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Sandstone 3 Sandstone 3
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Sandstone 3

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Sandstone detail and ironstone pebbles, Royal National Park, Australia. There is a hidden place in the park that I sometimes visit, and when I'm there I have this great feeling of connection to the land and Aboriginal culture.

The arrangements of tiny pebbles are reminiscent of their dot paintings, and nearby they have carved animal shapes into the rock surface. I'm often accompanied by large soaring fish eagles that glide effortlessly up and down the coast on the updrafts created by the vertical cliffs. It is undoubtedly a sacred and relatively untouched place.

Bring this feeling into your home or workplace with the Sandstone 1-3 series. 

We print on heavy grade archival 100% cotton rag fine art paper and prints are sent unframed in a cardboard tube.