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Sri Yantra Sri Yantra
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Sri Yantra

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Sri Yantra or Sri Chakra. This complex image was put together using photographic components gathered from some very short trips to India. In addition to that, the central yantra was painstakingly created and imported from Illustrator as a smart object that required very exacting technique and detailed preliminary research.

The "Earth Citadel" houses the yantra and two rings of 16 and 8 different coloured lotus petals shot at a water plant nursery near Sydney. The housing itself was filled with an exquisite arch detail shot in Bundi Garh Palace, Rajasthan that was retouched, multiplied and photoshopped into place.

The bottom of the image represents the physical realm, with hills from Pushkar, the great Dravidian temple in Tiruvannamalai and some trees in a Govardhan pastoral landscape (the home of Krishna). The birds (black kites shot soaring above the Ganges in Agra) and clouds at the top of the image are intended to be spiritual symbols. The whole image is a portal supported by visual metaphor including an ornate door from the City Palace in Jaipur seen in the background.

The Yantra itself is a powerful meditation tool that takes the aspirant from manifest to unmanifest worlds (staring at the bindu point in the middle of the yantra guides you inwards). I have had feedback from the people who have seen the large version of this hanging in the gallery that they get fully absorbed in the yantra, so there is no doubting its transformative power. The art of the future will have inherent higher consciousness as we move out of the conceptual postmodern world and into the exciting post-postmodern.

We print on heavy grade archival 100% cotton rag fine art paper and prints are sent unframed in a cardboard tube.