Vishuddha Vishuddha
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Vishuddha or throat Chakra. The higher chakras naturally represent the more esoteric aspects of life, the spiritual if you like. Spirituality is the great unknown because it is beyond the mind and cannot be framed within rational worldly definitions. That has not kept me from creating images like this, but some explanation of the elements could be helpful! 

Each Chakra has deities relevant to the function of the centre and this one is overseen by the beautiful goddess Shakti. My Indian friend, Devaki, who is a classical Bharatanatyam dancer (dressed as such and shot in my studio) is Shakti. She radiates with the light of the goddess within the Ether, the non-physical element of this Chakra. The veils of illusion are falling away (in this instance from her face) and the mountain represents higher consciousness. The worldly base of the image is the skyline of the beautiful town of Orchha in Madhya Pradesh and the temple a rare Brahma temple in Pushkar.

We print on heavy grade archival 100% cotton rag fine art paper and prints are sent unframed in a cardboard tube.